Boundary Managementsm for Organizations

Boundary Management, by redefining what managers do, reduces supervision and the need for control, while ensuring overall performance.  Boundary Management creates a highly responsive organization that doesn't require extraordinary levels of management skill or strategy.  It creates a setting in which individuals and groups can manage their own activities to achieve a defined set of results. 

Boundary Management improves organizational performance and accountability by redefining the principles of delegation and group structure.  Using the principle of defining group boundaries before defining individual boundaries, overall accountability for total performance is reached in a way not possible with tradition management approaches.  Jobs and tasks become more of a group function based on what works for overall performance rather than a static job description.  Process improvement  becomes a natural outgrowth of individuals recognizing that their performance is based on everyone managing their part in relationship to the group. 

Boundary Management creates changes in manager's roles.  It clarifies expectations and ensures delegation with accountability.  It ensures more immediate corrective actions and problem solving.  It allows for more open dialogue and a sharing in the purpose of the organization that is unattainable in traditional management approaches. 

Further discussion on the importance of group accountability over individual accountability can be fond in the article on group accountability.  A greater understanding of the actual application of Boundary Management may be achieved by reviewing a sample set of Boundary Policies for a Regional Sales Manager position.  A Boundary Worksheet is available for those that would like to begin a draft of a set of Boundary Policies.

Presentation and Consulting Services

Dr. Lynn Walker regularly makes presentations or provides consultation on Boundary Management and its application to organizations.  He is the authoritive creator of its concepts and application to people, organizations, and markets.  He has refined and perfected the techniques and concepts needed to effectively apply it to work group settings.

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