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The following links to the Board Work Guides are available to help boards improve their ability to govern.  They offer suggestions and unique approaches to Policy GovernanceŽ.  Use this page to download any or all of them.  They will be downloaded in a WinZip file, containing a Microsoft Word 2002 document.  They are short, pithy, and freeNote: To download each Board Work Guide, click on the title of each Guide.  Download times may vary depending on connection speeds.  If you are unable to download the guides, they may also be received as an email attachment by requesting them at


Fiscal Accountability   6 pages

 This Board Guide defines two different approaches to a board's role in the fiscal aspects of the organization.  In addition, it provides an introduction and structure for boards to assess and design their approach to fiscal accountability. 

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Board Meeting Prep-Guide   5 pages

This Prep-Guide provides suggestions about how to get ready for a Policy Governance board meeting.  It discusses general guidelines, consent agendas, limitation monitoring reports, and major topics of discussion. 

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Essential Board Assessment   10 pages

The Quick Board Assessment is a shortened version of the Policy GovernanceŽ Board Excellence Assessment.  The Essential Board Assessment develops the six major assessment categories and the resulting focus questions.  It is designed for Boards that would like to identify areas for improvement. 

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Writing Limitations in the Positive   5 pages

This Guide book challenges the principle of writing all limitation policies in the negative.  It provides a rationale for how to write policies in the affirmative or positive.

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Targeting Ends   3 pages

For effective organizational performance, Ends may need more definition than what Policy GovernanceŽ has given them.  This guide provides a enhanced way to approach Ends.

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Mastering Monitoring  6 pages

Good monitoring starts with good policies.  However the board needs to be clear about the information that it is seeking.  In addition to help on linking Ends and Limitation policies to monitoring, this guide provides a monitoring flow chart and several monitoring examples.

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Establishing the Two Board Dialogues   4 pages 

The Board has two dialogues which it has to manage.  One is with the Executive and the other is among the Board members.  This guide outlines ways for the Board to better manage these dialogues.

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The Board's Real Job   3 pages

The board's real job is more than writing policies.  It is about how it approaches all of its responsibilities.  Learn what is most important for a board to establish effective governance.

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I still want to approve the budget!   5 pages

Approval of budgets is often a hot topic for boards that have adopted Policy GovernanceŽ.  Here are some strategies to address the issue.

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The Board Strategy Session 2 pages

One of the most difficult things is to change behavior, especially for a group of people.  Boards need an effective way to do things differently.  This guide provides a method to establish a new approach organizing the board's activities.

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Handling the Policy GovernanceŽ Know-It-All  5 pages

Policy GovernanceŽ tends to produce a number of Know-It-Alls, who often don't quite Know-it-all, because it is not widely understood.  The Know-It-All, often in trying to be helpful works against the model of Policy GovernanceŽ.  This guide identifies the common mistakes that are made and what to do about them. 

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Creating a Board Observer Position

Feedback will almost always improve performance.  This guide describes how to create a board observer position as a technique for boards to become better at Policy GovernanceŽ. 

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How do I get to talk about what I want to talk about?  2 pages

Often with the structure that Policy GovernanceŽ provides, board members are unclear about that which they can discuss and how they should go about it.  This guide provides strategies for individual board members to raise their ideas and concerns.

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Are we doing Policy GovernanceŽ yet? 

At some time, every Policy GovernanceŽ board will end up debating what is and isn't Policy GovernanceŽ.  This guide discusses a simple way to define the problem. 

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